Management Accountant, Finance - Lavonia

Employer Kautex of Georgia Inc. is seeking aManagement Accountant, Finance-Lavonia.
Maintain all elements of the SAP-based ERPsystem for the Cost (CO) element of the Company's financial structure. Maintainstandard costs by correctly calculating, maintaining, and updating all partnumbers, Bills of Material (BOMs), and Process Labor Routings. Calculatebuildup of overhead and labor rates to be applied to products and maintain allcosts of materials. Roll the standards annually to ensure accuracy of costs tocurrent information. Serve as the finance lead on the Engineering Change Notice(ECN) team to ensure that Operations Managers understand the cost implicationsof all engineering product changes. Tie in ECNs to corresponding changes invendor products to ensure price changes are managed and matched to any and allsales changes associated with these ECNs. Work with Materials Management oninventory levels, obsolete, slow-moving classifications, and cycle count toensure book-to-physical inventory alignment. Plan and coordinate the AnnualPhysical Inventory and any off-site inventory counts performed during the year.Work closely with Material Planners and Sales Managers to understand customervolume requirements for the year and to understand changes that are happeningcurrently, along with revisions further out in the year. Prepare all costassociated journal entries for month ends, quarter ends and year ends. Submitall reports to Headquarters to explain operational performance, sales changes,foreign exchange implications, etc. Manage Kautex of Georgia's SAP-based ERPsystem and develop the functionality of the system, sharing that expertise throughoutour North American operations as other offices are brought online. Work withGlobal Customer Business Unit leads to quote new business, and create futuremodels to project cost structures out into the future in order to competitivelyquote new business. Participate in financial gate reviews to understand how newbusiness that is coming in will launch, and what changes are required to thefinancial metrics of the program. Complete both the strategic business reviewfor five years and the detailed Annual Operating Plan (AOP) for one yearannually (including a complete financial business plan and backup analysis ofthe base data for presentation to Senior Leadership). Complete key performancemetrics which are operational based metrics on a weekly basis, while alsocompleting a weekly forecast projection and ensuring that it ties into andmakes sense with the operational metrics. Control overhead spending and workwith each department manager to help them understand their budget and wherethey are in relation to actual spending against that budget. Keep up with allSarbanes Oxley (SOX) timelines and ensure that there is a segregation of dutiesamongst those with system access. Create mitigation controls to preventfinancial risks to the Company. Work with Sales Managers around the globe toensure all customer sales prices are correct and that Kautex has all thecurrent purchase orders. Work with the Accounts Receivables lead to investigatesale price payment discrepancies. Maintain cross-functional knowledge to backup financial accountants.
Bachelor's degree in Accounting, Finance,Financial Services, or in a closely related or equivalent field, or foreignequivalent.
Bachelor's degree in Accounting, Finance, FinancialServices, or in a closely related or equivalent field, or foreign equivalent.In lieu of a Bachelor's degree, Employer will accept a relevant post-secondarydegree or foreign equivalent plus three years of professional Finance orAccounting experience for each academic year required towards an equivalency toa four-year Bachelor's degree in Accounting, Finance, or Financial Services. 5years of financial and management accounting experience with an automotivecomponent parts manufacturer. Experience to include: 5 years of experience in amanagement accounting role managing cost elements and revenue of an enterpriseand analyzing and aligning operational performance metrics; 4 years ofexperience with an automotive industry manufacturing company with a low-mix,high-volume, specialized production environment; 3 years of experienceperforming advanced Microsoft Office business functions (e.g., Excel pivottables, complex formulas, macros, etc.); 2 years of experience in a financialaccounting role maintaining control over fixed assets, forecasting cash, andmanaging balance sheet items; 1 year of experience as a local content expertfor finance/accounting modules of a SAP-based ERP system; and, 1 year ofexperience using Hyperion Financial Management system.

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